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We understand that the decision to join a new licensee is a big one. Here’s what some of our advisers have to say about having made the decision to put their faith in Wealth Today.

“From expert help with client strategy, to helping us negotiate and settle practice acquisitions and financing when we’ve been expanding, to guidance on negotiating contracts in our business – Wealth Today has the experience, resources and expertise to add real value to our practice.”

Jacques Hugo

Luda Financial Solutions

“Wealth Today has what I’d rate as the best professional development program I’ve come across in my more than 20 years in professional practice. With two interactive video link sessions nearly every week and a mountain of written and video content stored on the Adviser Resource Centre the quality is complemented by quantity too. The range of subjects and issues is broad, and it’s always presented in a manner that is focussed on practical application meaning it adds real value – and provides so much more than just CPD points.”

Glenn Burke

Proactiv Financial Planning

“Since joining Wealth Today the entire team has supported me. To be part of a group that is supportive of both my professional development, and business development is a great benefit and a great pleasure.”

Nic Jolly

Nic Jolly FP

“I’ve been with Wealth Today for more than a decade, so I am clearly happy with the service they provide. But more recently I got to experience just how important and valuable their support is too. None of us like to get client complaints and I am pleased to say they have been virtually non-existent for me in all my years of practice. That was until recently when I found myself dealing with a really challenging one. The support that Wealth Today has provided me in navigating and resolving this has been invaluable. Their IDR and EDR knowledge, support and processes are second to none.”

Brett Christie

Prestige Loans

“Having had too many years of being lectured to by dealer group “compliance” staff with virtually no commercial experience and an adversarial mentality that did nothing to help me or my clients and had me feeling like I wanted to quit the industry, how refreshing it is to have joined Wealth Today. And how fabulous to work with a broad APL that assists me in providing true “best interest” outcomes for my new and existing clients. Wealth Today’s service, support and their care for me and my clients is next level.”

Roger Prince

Prince Financial Services

“Really glad we made the switch to Wealth Today and we couldn’t be happier with the range of support and services. We’ve really been impressed with the Adviser Resource Centre. Whenever we’ve had a compliance question, there is always a policy and guideline that’s written in simple English on what we need to do.”

Trent Sampson


“There’s a lot I’m happy about with Wealth Today, but especially happy with the multiple and flexible pathways they have created to assist with SoA creation. They have done a great job integrating para planning services into their overall compliance architecture and this leads to quality, compliant advice produced with quick turnarounds. I always find the team very approachable with any questions, large or small. Having such experience only a phone call away has made providing quality advice so much simpler.”

Matt Grant

Voyage Financial Planning

“I always hoped to be with a licensee that provided real marketing support, not just lip service. But I never thought I’d find one that had published a library of more than 100 financial literacy handbooks and manuals for consumers and advisers – and they were all available to me in my business. Very easy to recommend Wealth Today!”

Michael Samu

Think Big Financial Planning

“After 20 years of gradually increasing compliance abuse, I was frankly sick and tired of being told that I’d forgotten to indicate a left turn – three suburbs ago! The anti-adviser toxicity at many groups is quite unbelievable. When I joined Wealth Today, they promised to help me get my mojo back – full marks to them – true to their word they have done just that. I love these guys – honest, pragmatic and treat you like a human being who knows a thing or two about planning. They have made the world of difference to me, my team and my clients. And my state of mind!”

Andrew Robards

Robards Planning

“After a lot of years in the business I can tell you Wealth Today is a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for a group to treat you with respect and to genuinely support your business and your clients make the switch today.”

Bernard Dobson

Brighton Financial

“You get an experienced business partner when you join Wealth Today. Their approach to critical regulatory compliance requirements is always professional and practical. Unrivalled support in the advice creation process – where and when it counts – quickly, efficiently – top class.”

Tamara Virgo

TV Financial

“I have been with Wealth Today since 2018 and it has been a great experience so far. The team at head office are very approachable and comfortable to deal with. The executive team is very down to earth and are awesome people. Wealth Today is a very comfortable and friendly environment and one where I can see myself for the long term.”

Seto Fono

Chief Financial

“Have been with Wealth Today since August 2015. They are a first class licensee. Very supportive and have a well experienced team to help guide you through this sometimes very tricky industry. Could not recommend them highly enough.”

Paul Lewis

My Safety Net

“Professional and supportive dealer group with the backing of the listed WT Financial Group Limited.”

Ray Backhouse

Myriad Financial Planning

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