What sets us apart?

Wealth Today was built specifically to facilitate the integration of Financial Planning into existing appropriate businesses and to take sound individual financial advice to everyday Australians. That’s literally why the company exists.

We’re a passionate team of experienced industry professionals that understands the challenges and rewards of mortgage broking and accounting in Australia. We’ve proven the potential for business owners to succeed in this space and we’ve seen the impact on their clients’ financial security. It can be life changing.

How else do we differ from others claiming to help you integrate Financial Planning into your business? Here’s how:

It’s all about the client.

We have genuine commitment to your client’s experience and outcome. Strengthening your clients’ financial security is our main concern. Simple.

Advice is for everyone.

We want to work with clients on even the simplest and most basic of financial concepts in order to get them on their feet financially. We’re not just interested in high net worth clients.

We want to establish life-long relationships that can start with simply removing inefficiencies within a client’s cash flow. For mortgage brokers, this means you can still work with and earn an income on a client that doesn’t even service for a mortgage, helping them reach the point where they can! For accountants it can mean working long term with any client who originally is just seeking a tax return.

Unmatched support services, client tools & training.

Wealth Today provides its Members second-to-none ongoing business and technical coaching as well as access to our in-house team of financial planning specialists who can deliver a range of key support services that allow you to give top quality advice from day one!

We also provide tools to facilitate your client engagement. These are unique to Wealth Today and are designed to engage your clients, model scenarios and assist them in understanding the impact of not putting a financial plan into action. When combined with the technical and business development coaching we provide, these tools are invaluable for communication and a proven formula for success! Click here to learn more about our training and support services.

You choose how with complete flexibility.

As a Wealth Today Member, you choose how to integrate financial planning into your business and enjoy the flexibility to change between business models to suit your changing needs. So if formulating statements of advice becomes too time consuming for you, you can switch to our Serviced Model at any time. Equally, if you decide you want to be more hands-on in providing your clients’ advice, you can switch from Serviced to Qualified at any time. The options exist to make it work for you. Click here to learn about our three models.