Options and flexibility.

Qualified Member Model

Under this model Members become qualified financial planners. They acquire a Diploma in Financial Planning via Wealth Today’s Academy and spend six months working with Wealth Today’s business coaches and team of planning specialists, using our client facing tools to gain the minimum experience and expertise we feel is required to personally prepare and present clients’ individual financial plans.

The support we provide doesn’t end then. Qualified Members have ongoing access to our team of planning specialists to provide scenario support and to employ services such as preparation of Statements of Advice and plan implementation. This model is ideal for Members who are interested in expanding their individual professional qualifications and who wish to be personally involved in preparing their clients’ financial plans.

Serviced Member Model

Under this model Members are not required to obtain any formal qualifications as it is our team of planning specialists who will be preparing your clients’ advice. You do receive our suite of client facing tools and comprehensive training on how to use those tools as well as how to integrate the need for advice into your client appointments. The rest is taken care of by us!

We teach you, hands-on, how to integrate the need for advice into the client appointment. We give you the ability to seamlessly transition the conversation and help clients realise their need. Done well you should see 50-70% of mortgage leads becoming planning clients. For mortgage brokers, that’s whether the client qualifies for a mortgage or not!

Basic Referral Model

If you would rather not get personally involved in providing your clients with financial services, you can opt simply to refer your clients to Wealth Today’s team of planning professionals for a 30% share of up fronts. This is simple and gives you the peace of mind that your clients will be receiving reputable tailored, individual financial planning services.

Qualified MemberServiced MemberReferring Member
100% Client ownership50% Client ownershipNil client ownership
100% Client Control100% Client ControlNA
80% commission earned50%/60% profit share earned30% up front earned
100% business value ownership50% business value ownership (Other 50% at call)Nil business value ownership.
Full suite of client facing tools and technical training on how to use them.Full suite of client facing tools and technical training on how to use them.NA
Specialist support and advice available for fee.All needs analysis, advice and planning provided.NA
Diploma in Financial Planning to be acquired.NANA
Wealth Today Induction to be completed.Half day up front training supplied.NA
Ongoing professional training required.Ongoing business training optional.NA
Servicing clients within 40 days*Servicing clients within 14-21 days*Can refer immediately.
* Service time approximate and subject to Member’s completion of introductory requirements.