Here’s what Wealth Today members have to say.

Leanne Clune

The support from Wealth Today is amazing. I have worked for two other financial planner dealer groups with little or no support. With Wealth Today I have had regular business coaching sessions since joining just over three years ago. They have been instrumental in helping me build my business from a single operator to staff with an office. I know I have aligned myself with the right group for my business and I highly recommend Wealth Today to other brokers and planners.

When a client walks out of my office now, they are sorted out financially. They have their home loan, have appropriate safety nets in place and are put on track for their retirement planning. Most of my clients are so relieved and comment how they have been trying to sort it all out for themselves for years but have never known where to start.

Chris Lee

I’m absolutely certain that I made the right decision to join Wealth Today. I look back now and don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t involved with Wealth Today. I can easily turn a $1,500 client into a $4,500 client and when I do that a couple of times a month, it’s more than worthwhile.

Brett Christie

From the Training to the Business Development, the PD days and the awesome paraplannning service, Wealth Today has provided me with the means, the tools and the motivation to enter my new career. Since becoming a Wealth Today adviser, I have come to know my clients at the next level. I have assisted them with budgeting and management of their debts for rapid repayment, devised a plan to grow their wealth, and put insurance in place to cover possible events that could prevent their plan from succeeding….without me they would not succeed.

Jo Tetlow

Since Joining Wealth Today in July 2010 I have been able to offer my clients services that cement them to me for the longer term. I’ve found my clients want financial advice and are pleased to be able to have all their financial business taken care of by the one trusted professional.

With the help of my Wealth Today Coach, I have found that introducing financial advice to my clients is a fluid process and I receive great ongoing support from both my Coach and other support staff at Wealth Today.

Whenever I meet a broker who is dissatisfied with their current income, I always recommend Wealth Today as a solution.