Improving people’s financial security is our core purpose.

Wealth Today is a financial planning company with a difference. It was formed in 2008 with one simple purpose: to improve the lives of every day Australians by strengthening their financial security.

Our mission is to build an accessible, comprehensively supported team of Members who share our vision and commitment to providing tailored financial advice and building a new foundation of financial understanding and security for everyone.

Equal to this is the commitment we have made to train, mentor and support our Members as they integrate financial planning into or alongside their existing businesses, so that they may build long-standing and successful financial planning businesses.

With a national network of like minded Members, each playing their part and reaping their own well deserved rewards, we have the potential to provide the financial building blocks for future generations, not just our own. Sounds big, but we mean it!

Join us and be a part of it.